Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let Sleeping Sams Lie

Sam really loves his new bunk bed. It will be finished once we get that last part from IKEA. Speaking of IKEA, the saga continues. Yesterday I received a strange phone call from a lady in the greater Dallas area. She told me that she'd been shopping at the Frisco IKEA with her daughter, and they found a padded yellow envelope in the parking lot with my name on it. She wanted to know what I wanted done with it. She offered to put postage on it and mail it to me. I suggested she take it back to the store and have them pay the postage, but the gas for going to IKEA would cost more than a few stamps, so we'll see what she does. I don't think I could make up a story this wild. The nice lady and her daughter had a bet between them as to how Wynnewood is pronounced. I assured her that she was correct, and her daughter was not. This woman had lived in Oklahoma before having kids, so it seems she's familiar with the pronounciation excentricities. For those of you living in the Pacific Northwest, it doesn't rhyme with Lynnewood.
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