Tuesday, July 19, 2005


We're going on vacation. Tomorrow we leave for Midland and Awyn's two-month check-up. She'll be getting some shots. We're also going to try to get some professional photos taken of the little one. We did this for Sam when he was two months old, and we'd like some of Awyn too. Of course I doubt we'll do as many professional photos of Awyn as we did of Sam, but we also don't live close a Wal-mart with a $5.00 photo package. And Walmart won't mail the package to you; they can't try to sell you more if you don't show up in person.

We will do some shopping in town and then take off into the wild blue yonder. Our goal is to be able to spend a night and morning each at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve and Black Canyon Gunnison National Park. Then it is up into Northeast Colorado and the mountains to stay in a summer cabin owned by Eric's cousins. We'll be visiting his cousins and his aunt and uncle while we're in Colorado. Then we'll take our time getting home and try to hit Bandelier National Monument and Capulin Volcano National Monument. We'll be camping as much as possible when not at the cabin. We should be home by August 2nd, probably earlier. We're being very flexible with the driving times as we don't know how far we'll get with the kids and needing to stop to feed Awyn every two hours or so.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Awyn's 2 Month Birthday is today!, this picture taken a few minutes ago.

Happy 2 Month  Posted by Picasa

Sam gives Awyn a little hug. Posted by Picasa

Awyn cries to getour attention, and to tell me that her brother just touched her. Posted by Picasa

Sam gets a footbath. He loved it! Posted by Picasa

These guys get a cozy nap together. Posted by Picasa

Pass the potato

One last time waster, I'm curious to know how large a following this blog really has...


Just click on the link and put in your zip code. Well maybe you'll have to cut and paste it into your browser.

Not working quite right

I'm not sure what I did to this site, but maybe it will get back to normal after the star wars thing clears off... Until then, I hope you all are smart enough to just scroll down to read this.

Wow, that was kind of tough

I just posted an entry because I saw it on someone else's blog. I now challenge everyone who likes Star Wars to take that quiz and find out who they are most like. I have to confess, I was surprised at the results and would have had a hard time deliberately skewing the results. It can be done, but hey, this is for fun. I also looked up some Star Trek quizes, and apparently I'm either Borg, Klingon, or a Founder from the Dominion, depending on the quiz. Hmm... Now the Klingon did tie with Bajoran, wavering between religion and brute strength/bullying.

For those of you who'd rather have a Sam and Awyn update: Sam is watching Star Wars and Awyn is napping.

I'm Anikan?

You scored as Anakin Skywalker.

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Emperor Palpatine


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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lime bars

I just made lime bars, based on a lemon bar recipe, I used limes instead of lemons. I made a major mistake, as I was trying to mulit-task, with mulitple distractions. Eric came home for lunch as the oven was warming up and I was finishing making the crust. I got that part right. So I started making lunch at the same time, and Sam decided to explode with cranky two-ness needing nap, and I was hungry, and I wanted to make bisquits to go with the soup leftovers, and Awyn decided she was hungry, so when I made the lemon custard that goes on top of the crust, I forgot to add sugar. The directions list all the sugar for the entire recipe together, calling for a cup. 1/4 cup goes in the crust, the rest in the filling. The sugar gets a brief mention in the directions, but I wasn't reading the directions, as I've made these many times before. The sugar doesn't make a second appearance in the ingredients list, and that was the only part of the recipe I was following, so I wouldn't forget anything. Oops. They really don't taste very good. I sprinkled some powdered sugar over the top, but it doesn't fix it. They turned out rather strangely. Sugar is apparently an important part of the lemon part of lemon bars. To make it even better, I doubled the recipe. Hey, I have limes that I need to use up. They were 20 for a dollar in Alpine a few weeks ago. Anyone else have ideas for limes? I still have plenty!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We took this a week or two ago. Posted by Picasa

Sam sees a deer in the Basin a couple days ago. A small herd kept him amused before we ate dinner. Del Carmen white tailed deer are very tiny, about the size of a large dog. This doe is full sized, and closer to Sam than she looks. Posted by Picasa

After a bath Awyn enjoyed some naked tummy time. She's always held her head up, and she's been able to do pushups for a long time. Posted by Picasa

Same day as the macaroni pictures, Awyn is dressed up for the fourth of July. We drove up to the Basin and got ice cream. Posted by Picasa

Macaroni Sam. He lined up all the boxes of macaroni facing the same direction, knocked them flat, and kept sorting and re-lining them up for a long time. Posted by Picasa

Sam loves to vacuum the floor, no joking! Posted by Picasa

Back online

We are finally back online, and it has been a long adventure. First our ISP lost all equipment/went out of business, then our computer died. Eric fixed our computer, but it took weeks to get another ISP, and more hassle when we discovered that our network card was bad, replaced that, found out the phone company had bad problems too, they fixed that, so then we discovered our DSL modem was bad too, but luckily the phone company gave us a new one today, so here we are. I still haven't figured out how to make our e-mail work, give me a little time and I will. We'll most likely be changing ISP's in about 60 days when the phone company starts offering DSL service. All I can say is ARGGHH! and that at least we're done fighting the fight for a little while. I'll post a few pictures this evening, after I get dinner ready and Sam to bed. I've had to bribe him with another movie to get the internet back up and this typed, and I'm not willing to bribe him with a third movie.

Awyn is napping on my lap; she doesn't want to swing and she doesn't want to lay down right now. Next week we'll go to her 2 month appt. where she'll get shots and all the basic measuring done. Her eyes are still blue, a slightly lighter shade than last month. No telling what her hair color or eye color will finally be. I think we can rule out red hair and green eyes, though. Brown or blond, blue or brown I think will be her natural coloring. Her baby acne seems to be fading. It was really bad. Also her reflux seems to be getting better; she doesn't scream so much when she spits up; she is burping better and spitting up a little less. She still chews her cud and blows milk through her nose though.

Sam is growing like a weed. He doesn't seem to be gaining much weight, but since he's 33-34 lbs, I'm not worried about that. He's between 36 and 37 inches tall now. I measured him when
Eric and I were at the doctor's office.