Saturday, November 01, 2008

Princess Awyn

Yes, Sam decreed that Awyn should be Princess Leia to match his Luke Skywalker, and wouldn't you know, Awyn still fit into her baby costume from 2005. Her hat/wig kept falling off, but that was that much more endearing. After 5 houses, we went home. The first house we stopped at was a newly-retired coworker of Eric's, as in he retired yesterday. Fun was had by all, much candy has been eaten (Sam brought home a lot from school. I found yet another baggie of candy today in his teacher folder.)
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Sam Skywalker

Yes, Sam wanted to be Luke Skywalker again. Of course, we had a costume malfunction before we got out of the house - Mojo peed on Sam's white bathrobe, so I had to find something white and sort of poncho-ish for him. It wasn't very convincing, but Sam decided he was ok with it.
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Getting fastened in

Sam and Awyn get fastened into their seats before we leave for trick-or-treating.
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