Monday, September 29, 2008

Sam being Sam

Sam was making some point or another, and I thought this was a funny picture. Please note that the sun is rising, not setting. We've got an incredibly early rising family, although I think it takes most of a pot of coffee to get Eric and I up and running fast enough to keep up with the kids.
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Princess Awyn-Leia

This was Awyn's first Halloween Costume. She saw it in her closet and demanded to wear it. So Daddy helped her on with it. The belt didn't even fit her when she was a baby, but the rest of it went on just fine. We haven't discussed Halloween this year. I have no idea locally what anyone does yet, and we live rather out in the country, so I'd be very surprised to get any trick-or-treaters at the door. There are a few pumpkin patches around, locally, and I think some festival-type celebrations, so we'll likely do that. I don't know if either child will need a costume.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A boy and his dog

This little dog likes Sam. He really likes Sam. He likes for Sam to sit or lay down so he can lick ears, the back of Sam's neck, snuffle around his shirt, and he likes to run around after Sam. I was rather surprised; I expected he'd just stick close to me for a while and slowly warm up to the family, but he's just fine around everyone. Well, Awyn's a bit much for him, but she's learning to back off, and he rewards her by sitting up against her when she's still and quiet.

As the post below states, his name was Ricky, or so the lady who placed him with us had named him. Eric suggested Mojo, Mongo, and I tossed in Fezgig, and a few others, but the kids really liked Mojo. (I think it's a little predictable, but hey, I don't think he much cares what his name is yet.)

The good thing is that he's settling in fine, seems happy, and thinks we should go for more car rides. I wonder what he'd think of the bike trailer. Hmmm. Nah, that seems cruel.
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Meet Mojo

He's got a fur problem, but that will grow back. Mojo is a Pomeranian. He was rescued after being found by an oil crew, along with a female. They were named Ricky and Lucy, because they are both red poms. Lucy is with another family, and Senor Ricardo came home to us, after a few weeks of fostering, cleaning up, and healing up. He was shaved because he had sores and serious flea problems. He's all healed up now, and an absolutely sweet little boy. We'll take him in to the vet to be neutered in the next couple of weeks. He's probably around 5 years old, give or take a year, fully housebroken, and apparently crate trained. I haven't had to do anything but follow his cues. He's playful with Sam, would rather Awyn backed off just a bit, but fairly tolerant of her. He follows me everywhere except when he's hanging out with Eric or playing with Sam. Oh, he does think he should be sleeping on our bed, but there just isn't room, and it's too high off the floor for him to get himself up or down. He's fairly big, not quite the teacup size that Pandora was. I think he'll also have a sable coat; those black tips overlaying the red fur. I'll take pictures as his fur starts to grow back. Right now he looks a little like a demented Chihuahua.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello Princess Awyn Kitty

Awyn struck a nice pose in her favorite kitty towel. She has a lot of favorites. She's rather funny like that - she will talk about how things are or aren't her favorite, and nobody else is allowed to have the same favorite things as she does.
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September swimming

Awyn loves her turtle, Sam likes to splash around, and Daddy simply soaks. I didn't get in. It was really cold water. We didn't take the cover off earlier. It doesn't really warm up unless we take the cover off. This was nice when it was 90+ degrees out, but a little colder now that we're only seeing upper 70's to lower 80's. The cover has cut the evaporation to almost nothing. We haven't had to add water to the pool since we started using the cover.
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Listen here...

Awyn is listening to her Daddy.
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Last of the pool days

We're heading into weather a little too cool for swimming in the pool, so I suspect we'll be taking it down by the end of the month, or sooner. Eric's parents brought this out to us, and we've sure enjoyed it. I've learned a little more chemistry in the keeping up with pool chemicals. Sam and Awyn have really loved it, and I think they're listening when we tell them that they can't swim without Daddy or Mama. Certainly they're giving it a wide berth, and I'm watching them whenever they're outside anyway.
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Monday, September 08, 2008

Outdoor fun

Sam's checking his lightsaber. All mighty heros need capes and lightsabers when protecting castles.
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Super Sam, off to storm the castle

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More Playground

Sam and Awyn were very happy to play outside. Now that it's cooling down a bit, it's actually nice to be out during the day. I don't think it's been above the mid-80's this month, and it's getting cooler still. The other day it was cold and drizzly (thanks to a hurricane to the south) and I made split pea soup.
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Sam and Awyn call this part of the yard their playground. It has a swingset, a sandbox, and a castle. What more could you ask for? Well, it would be a little easier if I could get the mower in there. I don't have an extension cord long enough for the weed-whacker to reach this far out in the yard.
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