Friday, May 30, 2008

We're Moved!

We're settling into life in Oklahoma. There are boxes to unpack, and things to rearrange. As you might guess, I've found internet service. There's a downside though - it's an incredibly slow dial-up service, so pictures will be few and far between. My guess is that I'll have to do them at night when I can let the modem chew on them for an hour or so. We do have lots of pictures. I think there are around 350 on the camera waiting to be downloaded.

We've painted and prepped, and the kids love their rooms. We found a can of paint that looked to be the same color as Awyn's very pink/purple room. We decided to paint over the sponge painting on the wall with the window. Turns out the paint was a darker shade of purple. It does match, and looks pretty good, so I added some water to the remnants of the paint, grabbed a sponge, and blended the two colors on the wall opposite of the window. Adding in another color and another layer of sponging really helped. Sam's room is now very blue. I believe the Sherwin William's color is called Danube. I painted the diningroom a pale green (bye bye pink!!!!!!) and the living room an earthy blue that matches the grey/green of the East/West walls. It looks much better with the solid color than with the sponging. We need to hang the drapes back up though. I almost laughed at the Sherwin Williams salesman when he asked me if I wanted a long lasting paint or if I liked to change colors every five years. I didn't tell him I'd never lived in a house for 5 years, so I have no idea. I'm NOT repainting any walls here though - not unless I really, really had to. The walls and ceilings are all textured. It was a PITA to paint them and get full coverage.

There have been many adjustments to our new location. We live almost indecently close to Walmart, Supercenters, and even a Sam's Club. Everything is within a 30-60 minute drive. Heck, it's only 15 minutes to Sonic for ice cream or burgers. Danger, Danger.

I bought a second storage shed/shop building. It needs to be electrified, but it's large and it fits the freezer nicely.

I bought a riding lawnmower. It's large and it's orange, and goes vroom vroom when I play with the throttle. It has a cupholder and came with a little wagon to tow behind it. Haven't mowed the lawn yet. (I need to, but only when Eric's home to watch the kids - despite any pictures posted in the future to the contrary, the kids will not be allowed to drive or ride on the lawnmower for many years - it's basically a 4-wheeler with mowing blades) I did get the mulching kit and still need to attach it. I haven't got a clue how to change the blades though. All the diagrams in the manual have taught me how to change the oil, add gas, and even do basic work on the carbeurator. Woo hoo! But they don't mention changing out the mowing blades. I guess I have to look that up.

I hate how slow our internet service is, so I think I'll be online far, far less than I used to be. It's glacially slow. In fact, it took 30 minutes to load this blog far enough for me to log in, and it won't load all the pictures.

Perhaps tonight we'll figure out how to download the camera and I'll upload a picture or two.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Up There! (or Out There?)

Where no Trekkie has gone before... I dare you, I triple dog dare you.
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Ah, Mother's Day, Star Trek style

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Leonard Away Team

Who's the Red Shirt, yeah, you know who. Sam insisted he was Captain Kirk (or Captain Sam), Eric was Scotty, and Awyn was an alien princess. (poor thing didn't have a Trek costume, so I made her one of those scrap-of-fabric dresses that so many of the beautiful alien women wore in the original series.
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Alien Planet?

Who's the Red Shirt now?
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Katrina, and my last hike...

Katrina and I hiked Pine Canyon yesterday. She can really move. This trail gets very steep and Katrina didn't have any problems making it up to the top. She left me in the dust, but would very nicely stop and wait for me. I wanted to get out on one last hike before leaving the park, and Katrina was very willing. After hiking, we drove down the Glenn Springs road and out on River Road East. I will miss Katrina and her entire family. They're such wonderful friends!
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Coffee? Coffee. Coffee!

Eric's last day of work at Big Bend National Park. Notice how Ranger Rob is doing all the work while Eric gets his caffeine fix. Eric said he put this same picture on his facebook page with the caption, "Coffee, it's got what Rangers crave."
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I want/don't want a Party!

Pre-party tantrum! Awyn shows off her new age with style. I believe this tantrum was triggered by a request that she put on her shoes, or maybe the sky wasn't the right shade of blue. She needed a nap, that much was sure. We had a great birthday party for Awyn and Itai despite the cranky-pants girl.
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Kid Wrangling

Oh the fun of getting a group of kids together for a good group shot!
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Ladybug pinata

Awyn hit this pinata like a pro. Belda brought it over from Ojinaga. She said there was a larger one, but she thought this one was big enough. Wow. It was a beautiful pinata, and the kids really loved it. Awyn shared the spotlight rather well, considering that she was incredibly cranky. Itai didn't want to hit the pinata. I'll try to remember to post the video of her cheering on the others though, she's too cute to be left out.
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Sam's turn

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Awyn's Cake

Would you believe I used a bear shaped cake pan to make that ladybug? I cut off one ear and the nose. It was ever so much easier than the cutting apart of various round cakes I was going to do. Awyn liked her cake, but preferred the ice cream and licked the frosting off, of course. I used up the rest of my red food coloring in my buttercream frosting. The red intensified shortly after a little sunshine.
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Itai tries her cake.. mmm

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Our Cake

Rhonda did such an excellent job on this cake that I had to share it here. She even shaded the mountain.
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The two Princesses

Awyn is going to miss taking Princess lessons from Ariel. Please note the crown over her hat...
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Mmmm, Chicken

John and Ranger Rob expertly smoke/grill enough chicken to feed the raging horde. This was quite the going away party, Texas style.
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Ranger Rob

I'll miss Ranger Rob and his wonderful wife Angie. Thank you!!!!!
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Wait, you're moving where?

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Last Day of Work

So this picture was taken last week - Today was my last day of work. Eric showed up last week and Awyn had to say hello. Maybe not the world's greatest picture, but I loved having her come visit me.

I am definitely going to miss my job. It was fun, not too difficult, got me out of the house, let me wear an actual Park Ranger uniform, and I adore my boss. I'll definitely miss working for her. Thank you Janie! (ps - I think Maverick needs new maps - that one's a little faded!)
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Princess and the Peas

Awyn is enjoying a nice bowl of frozen peas.
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Awyn's Snowsuit

This snowsuit is actually for Sam. Please note that it was 90 degrees outside, and she wouldn't take it off.
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Under his Pillow

Too funny and cute, this is how Sam fell asleep the other night.
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mistletoe with berries

Eric was impressed that this juniper(?) had berries on its mistletoe.
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View of Elephant Tusk

Another one of Eric's pictures from his South Rim hike. I'm so jealous - we were supposed to go together, but I had to work. He did get to go with some friends, and I know he really had a great trip. I will definitely miss the scenery of our current park.
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Claret cup and agave

Eric took this on his hike in the high Chisos. Apparently the clarets were really blooming up there.
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