Thursday, June 24, 2010

And we're moving...

Yes, we're closing in on the end of our Oklahoma adventure. Eric has accepted a transfer to Andersonville National Historic Site where he will be Chief of Interpretation and Education. I know he's excited. I am too. I'm looking forward to our next adventure. Sam and Awyn are sad to be leaving friends behind. I've heard good things about the schools and the resources available in the smallish college town we're moving to. They are supposed to know quite a bit about Aspergers and Autism, so we'll see.

We don't know the timeline exactly. I'm hoping for mid to late August so the kids can get in school there ASAP.
I have lots of pictures to post, and more to say than I have the patience to sit here and type, so hopefully I'll be back.

Mojo is ready for a ride!

Mojo loves to go for a ride, and this time he hopped in and made himself right at home. "If I'm cute, you'll take me, right?"
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More wallpaper stripping...

This time you can see the new tile floor, or at least part of it. Awyn was a big help with the under-sink area. Paper-tiger? Worthless. In the end, we just peeled the outer layer, and then a little spraying of water & fabric softener, and it peeled off mostly ok. It would have worked better if the drywall had been primed prior to walllpaper application. That is also likely part of why the walllpaper quit sticking properly and was not re-glueable.
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Hammock Time

Eric gets a chance to relax in the hammock. We love the hammock. I hope our new home will have a place as nice as our oak trees and hammock.
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Smiley Sam

Sam shows off his tooth-gaps. They're filling up rapidly with teeth.
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Putting up the Pool

One of the highlights of the summer season is the pool we set up. The kids get to play and get wet, and after they go to bed, we get to relax and watch the stars. Very nice.
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Princes Horse Bride

Awyn adores those filmy scarves that were once worn to keep your hair in place. I buy them at the drug store since she seems to have worn out a couple that used to belong to my grandmother (or great-grandmother?).
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Awyn's Birthday

Awyn's birthday was a busy day, and I had to work. Sam and Eric had dental appointments, so Awyn got to pick out a cake at the store. She found a very princessy cake with plastic rings on the cupcakes.
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Awyn strips wallpaper

Awyn decided she wanted to help with the work in the bathroom. This is after carpet, before tile, and before I've pulled off the wallpaper. It was blue and silver feathers. Kind of pretty, really. It just wasn't sticking to the walls anymore.
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