Thursday, January 29, 2009

Devil's Den State Park


Well, the last time I was in this picture was the day before my water broke - I was pregnant with Sam! If I dig it out, I can post a picture of Dan, Eric's father, helping me down these same rocks on that day.

We took advantage of a 3 day weekend to drive back to Arkansas and visit. It was a wonderful trip! The kids saw Fort Smith, my name carved into the sidewalk at the University of Arkansas, the AQ Chickenhouse (A certain former Arkansas President's favorite restaurant), bats in the Devil's Den cave, and all sorts of fun things.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Putting the Slipper on the Princess

Yes, Sam helped Princess Awyn with her glass slippers.
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The Princess

Yes, being a princess is hard work.
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Breakfast First!

Sam and Awyn came down the stairs right as I was putting the frosting on the cinnamon rolls. Good timing! In our family, you must eat breakfast before you can open any presents. We make it easy by making cinnamon rolls the night before. Of course, I was too tired to make them all the way, so I let them rise overnight in the fridge and set them out to warm up to room temperature while the oven got hot. I was half afraid I wouldn't get up early enough to have them ready in time.
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Milk and Cookies for Santa. Beer for Rudolph.

Yes, Sam wrote the note for Santa, and when writing it decided that Santa doesn't get a beer (normal Leonard family tradition for us), but that Rudolph could have it.
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Roasting Hot Dogs

At the Nature Center. We went down to visit Daddy on Christmas Eve and roast hot dogs and make s'mores in the fireplace. It was a fun day, and a fun lunch.
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