Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sam and Awyn show off their knitted presents. I gave out quite a few knitted objects. Still have a couple that I need to mail out!
My new needle case! Pretty Pinwheels from a charm pack I cannibalized from another project. All of my DPN's are nicely sorted by size in their own little pockets.
I'm trying to figure out the new settings on this. It's been so long since I updated my blog!
For my birthday this year I made myself a DPN holder. For non-knitters, I made a quilted folding/rolling organizer with pockets to put my double-pointed knitting needles in. There's even room for my crochet hooks and a couple of other things.

For Christmas I made the kids some knitted things. I currently have three lace projects underway, the third of which was recently gifted to me by a very generous fellow knitter.

I'm still working part-time at PetCareRx, Eric is still Chief Ranger at Andersonville National Historic Site, Sam's in 4th grade, gifted, special ed, and still dances with Americus Dance Experience. Awyn's in 2nd grade, gifted, and also still dances. Sam's in Boy Scouts, and I'm the troup leader for Awyn's Girl Scout troop. Technically she's a Brownie. Yes, it's cookie season, the most stressful part of Scouting.