Thursday, September 18, 2008

A boy and his dog

This little dog likes Sam. He really likes Sam. He likes for Sam to sit or lay down so he can lick ears, the back of Sam's neck, snuffle around his shirt, and he likes to run around after Sam. I was rather surprised; I expected he'd just stick close to me for a while and slowly warm up to the family, but he's just fine around everyone. Well, Awyn's a bit much for him, but she's learning to back off, and he rewards her by sitting up against her when she's still and quiet.

As the post below states, his name was Ricky, or so the lady who placed him with us had named him. Eric suggested Mojo, Mongo, and I tossed in Fezgig, and a few others, but the kids really liked Mojo. (I think it's a little predictable, but hey, I don't think he much cares what his name is yet.)

The good thing is that he's settling in fine, seems happy, and thinks we should go for more car rides. I wonder what he'd think of the bike trailer. Hmmm. Nah, that seems cruel.
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