Saturday, June 14, 2008

Connection issues

I'm having trouble with posting pictures, but I'll try. This one is supposed to be back in Big Bend, in the Basin. I think it was two days before we left, maybe the day before, and I finally saw a bear. The first and only bear I saw in the park. No, the picture wasn't of the bear; we don't have a digital camera that could have taken that picture; it's me and the kids walking back up the hill towards the campground from the sewage plant in the Basin. Bear central, at that point in time.

The answer is nope, even my sneaky version isn't going to work. Sorry. I promise, I'll keep going. We want to get satellite internet, but that's a tad outside our income potential. Give us some time, or some money, and in a few months we might be able to do something about the connection speed.

Instead, I'll try for humor about our new location, and maybe a funny about the old place too.

Not long after you take the exit towards our new house, you will see a large sign, Shebester Ranch. A few miles out of town towards our house, you pass another large sign in a field, proudly proclaiming the ranch to be Hiscox. If by some chance you should accidentally pass the turn to our house, you will then be left with the Dilday ranch.

Well, on a less guttural note, we have learned that shortly after we departed Big Bend, Nevada Barr arrived to do research on a forthcoming novel. For those of you who aren't familiar with this author, she writes fiction about being an LE ranger in National Parks. She has many novels, and she does tend to use real people as templates for her characters. Eric thinks he already knows the plot, and would like to get an outline out there before her book comes out, just to scoop her on what would be a logical and great story for her to tell. Truthfully, I'm rather sorry to have missed out on her visit. While I do tend to mock her novels, we still buy them, fresh off the press in hardcover. I've heard that she doesn't think much of interp rangers, and that would jive with just how incredibly batty she tends to make them in her novels. Methinks she suffers from 'badgitis' - a case of inflated badge. (several years ago the Resource Protection/Law Enforcement rangers were issued larger badges instead of the small gold plated badges more traditional to park rangers, presumably to distinguish them, as if the sidearm and extra large belt-o-tools wasn't a dead giveaway. The general public doesn't seem to notice - most assumed that I was similarily armed in the entrance station, despite my badge size and lack of fancy belt - a ranger is a ranger to most of them.)

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