Monday, June 23, 2008

Camera dock is on the blink

So that means no new photos for a while. We have long since lost the cable to connect the camera straight to the computer, and our kodak printer dock is on the fritz. It's been having issues for a while now, and started refusing to recognize the camera before we moved. It's on an all out strike now, although I haven't tried to print a photo from the computer. It has issues doing that too, but that's because it doesn't feed the photo paper until you really get it started by pushing it in.

What this means: we need a new cord to connect camera to computer or a new dock. Cable is probably cheaper, and we think we can still print photos. Naturally, I bought a huge stock of photo paper not too long ago, so I would imagine we'll lose the dock altogether soon.

I will be posting retro photos from time to time, just for funsies. We've had a digital camera for I think at least the last 10 years. I know not all of the digital pictures have survived, and the older ones are incredibly low resolution, but should still be much fun. Any requests? We have the works - living history, Sam as a baby, various domesciles/national parks... Yourself? Do you wonder if I have an older picture of you? Perhaps I do... Challenge me. In the meantime, I'll pick a few I find interesting or hilarious.

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