Sunday, June 08, 2008

Laying on the grass

Awyn loves the acres of grass to roll around on. She prefers to be barefoot. We do have rather a lot of grass, that's for sure. The kids are enjoying the new house. They ask for their friends from Big Bend, though, and have been telling me that we need to get a new dog. That's pretty far down on the to do list. First I have to finish fixing the bathroom. That's a longer story than I care to share at the moment. The short short version: House wasn't inspected, my bad. Septic tank full. Moving semi ran over septic tank & lines. Tank OK, lines got bowed, plugged. Bathrooms carpeted, toilet unsealed by pressure from sewage that can't drain into septic tank... Tank has now been pumped, plumber has snaked lines, fixed problems, and we are using the upstairs bathroom while I remodel downstairs.
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