Sunday, March 02, 2008

H I P spells everything

Awyn likes to spell words and names. She likes to recite the alphabet. Is she some kind of genius? Of course she is!

Well.... Ok, so to be more honest about these Wunderkind skills... Every word is spelled H I P. If you ask her how to spell Awyn, she says HIP. If you stop at a stop sign, and ask her what it says, she says, "H I P, stop!" As for the alphabet, she sort of says letters in any particular order as best as she can come up with them, usually with lots of h's, i's, and p's.

Why is Awyn so eager to spell and read and learn ABCs? Because her brother really does spell words and read words, both sight words and using phonics. He has the alphabet down cold, and knows every letter by sight, and what sounds they make. He does get tripped up by combination sounds, like sh, ch, tr, and whatever x is supposed to do. Still, it's impressive at times. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't compensation for how delayed his language skills have been, and his definite continued need for speech and occupational therapies.

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