Saturday, March 01, 2008

All us firefighters have helmets

I was goofing around with my hard hat before heading off to the Fort Davis Wildland Firefighter Academy. I spend, according the the notes I took, 33 hours in class time, not counting lunch and dinner breaks. I learned a bit about digging handlines and fire and safety. I passed the test with a respectibly high score that should make anyone proud. I will go for my physical next week, then do the pack test, and get my red card. Eric's not sure where my gear should be stored; his is down at his office because he didn't have enough closet space in his ranger closet (he did before I took up half of the uniform closet).

I really did enjoy the training, and I met some fun people. I was one of five women to attend the class, out of 15 students. I was the only one who wasn't already a structural firefighter with various volunteer fire departments. They were a little vague on hose lays and nozzles, because everyone but me already knew all about that. Still, the foam was cool. And I did like using a pulaski to cut line.
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