Saturday, December 06, 2008

J.H. Daniels

Eric and the kids stand right next to a relative's name on the bakery at Fort Larned. If I'm getting this right, Jesse Daniels was Eric's Great-Grandfather's brother who came out to Kansas to help out after a farm accident.
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  1. In 1882,Eric's great great uncle Jesse Daniels came to Kansas from Pennsuylvania as an infant on a covered wagon. His mother Sara Fisher Daniels caught a cold when crossing a Kansas river in September or October. The cold progressed into pneumonia and she died about two weeks later. Eric's Great great Grandfather, Ernest Elmer Daniels was 6 years old and remained in Kansas. Jesse was sent back to Pennsylvania for relatives to care for him. In 1913, Jesse came for a visit, probably in the summer, and carved his name on the wall at Fort Larned. His brother E. E. Daniels suffered the farming accident in the fall of that same year. E. E. Daniels lived until 1956 even though he lost his ability to walk in 1913.