Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am a bad and lazy blogger

I am infinitely lazy, and since I post so much to facebook anymore, I tend to neglect this blog. I have no real excuse except that I take a lot of pictures with my phone and it's really easy to instantly plop the photos onto facebook, and I'm not technologically inclined enough to get it posted to my blog. Yes, there's an ap for that. I haven't mastered it.

Also, very few people seem to be reading this. I'm not as entertaining as some of the more famous (or infamous) mommy bloggers out there. I don't usually have snarky or pithy statements to make. My typical post is a photo of the kids or a pet along with brief commentary on the subject of the picture.

I am still unemployed since moving to Georgia, and need to remain so until we close on our house. We are buying the house that I posted about a long while back. Somewhere on here in the last 6 months is a photo montage of the Harrold house. It really needs a better name than that, except we keep calling it that, and well, it's become a habit. I opted for Colonial One but Eric isn't 100% sold on that. (yes, my geek flag must fly.) (Think I can get a Colonial Fleet flag or Flag of the 12 Colonies?) (C'mon, Battlestar Galactica, people!)

The kids love dance, from which we get a summer break. Currently they are taking swimming lessons. Sam loves them, Awyn doesn't. Will probably sign them up for a second session since she has a really long way to go before she will be able to fall in, relax, float, and then swim to the side.

So now I will see about posting some photos, if I don't get interrupted by the making of supper or the screaming of childrens. Or something shiny, like a butterfl....Ooooooooh.

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  1. I tried to post this a few days ago... so I'll try one more time.

    I love reading your blog. My blog doesn't many readers either. We do have some family that are not on Facebook, so they follow the blog. I love the house. We can we come over to swim?