Monday, September 13, 2010

We're Here!

We're now in Americus, Georgia. We're living in a motel room for now. Free wifi is nice. We'll be getting new cell phones with a regular calling plan and they'll be our main phones for now. I doubt we'll go back to a landline. It would be cheaper to just add another phone to our plan and leave that at home than get a landline.

The kids are now enrolled in school. They seem to be happy there, although Awyn pleads that she is too sick to go every morning. When I pick her up, she tells me she's had a good day. I think it's all about control and moving and all the change going on right now. I bet once we get more settled she'll settle down too.

This new school is a "Fine Arts Academy" and they study music, drama, and all kinds of fun stuff. They have a full program for kids with different kinds of autism, including services for Aspergers, complete with a Sensory room and sensory diet experts. Sam has quite a team to support him and his classroom teacher. We'll be setting a meeting soon to see what their full plan for him is. For now, the special ed director has called me a couple of times to make sure we're all happy and to keep me appraised of what they're currently doing and how it's going.

Awyn was convinced that Kindergartners didn't get to go to recess because her class was held inside for her first two days because PE ran long. That has now changed, and recess is her favorite part of her day.

The school provides free breakfast and lunch for all students. Sam and Awyn both have to wear uniforms. Awyn prefers dresses and skirts, and luckily there are lots of different options. Sam has had to change from his favorite thing to wear, striped polos, to solid white, blue, black, or khaki polos. He can wear black, blue, or khaki pants or shorts. Awyn can wear all of those colors too. Shoes must be white, black, navy blue, or khaki, or some combination. Same with coats/jackets. No hoodies. Sweaters may be any of the main colors too. It's not too complicated, and these things are all available at Old Navy, Walmart, etc. There's no set uniform company or brand we must buy. So Grandmas, feel free to be on the hunt for things they can wear to school. Call me if you have any questions. I do have enough for them for now since I do laundry every 2-3 days here in the hotel, and space is limited.

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