Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Every Day, It's A Gettin Closer

We have a date, and we'll be moving very, very soon. It's become more real with each step. First we put the house on the market, and now we have our travel authorization. It's time to make reservations for temporary quarters and hotels/motels along the route we've selected.

I know I'm bad about keeping this blog up, and I am promising to get better. We've decided to spend more money and find a cheap laptop so we can stay connected with the internets (and our banking and bill paying). So that means I should be able to update from the road.

I also tend to post more on facebook than here. Eric's better at posting pictures than I am. For some reason posting pictures to facebook doesn't throttle our satellite internet bandwidth restriction like posting pictures here does.

I was asked why I blog. Well, I started this mostly to give family a place to keep up with us, especially our kids. I was pregnant with Awyn, and our Sam Spam emails were clogging up people's inboxes. I used to post many, many pictures. I've slowed down since moving to Oklahoma, and that's for a few reasons, like our lousy internet connection. That's probably the biggest reason, but also my readership has dropped dramatically as we post so much on facebook and more and more of my relatives have found me there. I think I only have one set of parents who even read the blog anymore, and maybe one sibling. I do have friends who visit here, but again, most of my friends have found me on facebook.

Also I work all day on a computer, and by the time I get home, I don't want to sit in front of a computer any longer. It takes me 30 minutes or longer just to open my email, and roughly 2 hours to post a single picture here. I don't have that kind of patience. Some of it is our computer at home. It's older, and fairly cranky anymore. It could use some updating and probably a defragging. It's very slow.

I do keep promising pictures, and I dare you to nag me about it. I have some fantastic pictures to post! So maybe tonight, after I get home, feed the kids, and the sun goes down, I'll post something. Maybe not, though, as the AC is out upstairs and we're waiting on a part before it will work again, and it's at least 100 degrees up there, sitting at the computer, and I don't like to sweat that much. Eric has a fan aimed at the computer, and if we wait for the sun to go down, open the windows, blow the fan straight at us and wearing a bare minumum, we can bring it down to 90. Last night I got it down to 85, but that was staying up waaaaay too late.


  1. Sorry about the AC. That would be wonderful to get a laptop. I for one would love to read about your adventures underway. Hopefully you'll have a better internet connection after this upcoming move.

  2. Our repairman is trying to order a part to replace the leaky coil. Here's hoping he finds it, and it's not too expensive.