Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bound For South Dakota

I still don't use this much anymore, but Hey, maybe I have a couple of readers left after so much neglect. After more than four years in Georgia, we're moving to South Dakota where Eric will be the new superintendent of Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. We don't have specifics yet, but I have a realtor coming to put the house on the market tomorrow.
Kids are still in gifted, still precocious. I've now been in two plays with Sumter Players, and will be in a third next week. I'm enjoying the experience and have learned so much!
I'm still cleaning and carding the mystery fleece given to me by Eric's parents. I've spun and knit a few pounds of it into hats and various things. The dark brown is much softer than the cream. Both are more closely related to down wools I think - the sheep were raised for meat production, and they saved the fleece for me after slaughter. The cream does take dye fantastically though. I'm playing with almost flicking the locks rather than carding, and still want to try creating a batt and pulling it into roving.

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