Saturday, May 01, 2010

My kids are Geniuses.

Well, it's a fun title, anyway.

For those of you who have witnessed my daughter's picky eating (or lack of eating) and then tried to figure out how she's not all malnourished or at least stick-figurey-thin, and then scoffed at my statement that she can eat her weight in food when she's of a mind... Awyn ate 11 blueberry pancakes this morning. She eats like a bird, when that's her mood. She eats like a pig when she decides she's really hungry and loves whatever it is. And 'favorite' is more dependent on her mood than on what I've actually cooked. I could fix pancakes tomorrow for breakfast and she might only eat 3 bites, declaring it disgusting. She's a drama queen, and master of her universe.

Sam seems to be doing really well lately, but I really don't know if it's better at school. I'm hoping next year goes much better. At this point, I'm betting we'll still be here when school starts in August, but who knows.

So I'm pondering the fact that school is out in 1.5 weeks, both kids are moving into the next grades, (2nd for Sam, Kindergarten for Awyn), and I haven't got a thing planned for Awyn's upcoming birthday. It falls right after graduation, and because they bumped up the last day of school by a week, it also falls during Summer vacation. I have NO idea what I want to do for her. I'll get her a giant bunch of balloons like I did for Sam, but a party? I got nothin.
Do I send invites to her entire class next week, and hope only a couple of kids show up? I hate planning kiddie parties because somebody has to entertain them at this age, and feed them, and keep them out of trouble. I could buy all sorts of outside games, but then I'd have to help them play them. I could get a new volleyball/tennis net and put that up (I have poles, and a HUGE yard), and then the kids could run around hitting each other with the rackets and balls. I could make a whole bunch of water balloons and let them fight it out.

It's May 1st, (Happy May Day), so some time soon we'll set up the pool. I don't really want to have a pool party for Awyn because it always takes me a week or two to get the chemical balance right, and lots of unknown kids means lots of peeing in my pool. Yuck.

Plus, I didn't throw a party for Sam at all, and I feel guilty for even pondering a party for Awyn.

I need to post some pictures or videos of me brushing Mojo. He hates it, and bites the tar out of me and the brush or comb. I have to, or the burrs and sticky grass mat up his fur. The whole time he's growling as ferociously as a Pomeranian can. I laughed at him last night, until I noticed that one of his teeth landed on the side of my pinky-finger right next to the nail, and tore some skin. I have actual blood from a Mojo bite! I even needed a bandaid! Awyn kept trying to pet him and soothe him, and I kept telling her she really needed to stand back, because I didn't want her to get bit too.

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  1. Of course they are geniuses!

    I vote family party! It's so much easier.

    miss you guys! Danielle