Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tiger Cub Sam


It's that time of year again, when little boys are selling popcorn from door-to-door. I've never been a fan of door-to-door sales, especially sending little kids out as salesmen. Maybe I'm biased - could you resist this adorable little guy? This picture hardly does him justice. I think he might be more irresistible than the triple-chocolate mega-ultra popcorn & pretzel mix that he's selling.

Because we live way out in the country, and away from family, he's going to have a limited audience. I admit to being lazy and not taking him into town to sell with the other boys today. Having little sister to compete with for cuteness isn't fair, and we're busy getting ready to celebrate Eric's birthday today anyway. I have lasagna sauce to prepare, and a carrot cake to bake. I had to buy two packages of candles to have enough to go on the old man's cake. You should be able to see the glow over the horizon.
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  1. He looks so cute. I could never resist him. Although, I never say no to kids going door to door. Leftover trauma from my stint as a Brownie.

  2. Happy Birthday to Eric! Sam is so handsome! Good luck selling popcorn!