Thursday, September 03, 2009

First Day pictures


Now that our internet is back, here's one more first day picture. They still love school, and it's nice to sit on the porch, sipping coffee while waiting for the bus. This last week or so it's been cool enough that a jacket is warranted, and the sun is only just coming up, so we get to watch the sun rise, if we go out just early enough. Mojo will try to board the bus, so we have to pick him up when he makes that sudden dash down the driveway after the kids. He's just not quite big enough to manage that bottom step, luckily.

Awyn loves school, even all-day school. She's a bit grumpy when she gets home though, and early bedtimes are a must around here - pajamas around 7, in bed around 7:30 if they want stories, and usually asleep by 8. This might seem early to some people, but they get up at 6 am to start their day. 'Studies have shown' that kids who get less sleep get grades below what they are capable of making. Also, mine throw mega-tantrums and meltdowns if they don't get enough sleep. For that matter, so do I.
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  1. I absolutely throw tantrums when I do not get enough sleep. Like at least 14 hours.