Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sam's First Day of Kindergarten

I'm typing this entry as I wait for Sam to arrive home on the school bus from his first day of kindergarten. I expect he'll be tired; it's a long day. Our neighbor told us that the bus usually arrives around 4 pm in the afternoon, but that he doesn't ride it in the morning. Sam is supposed to ride it, but the bus didn't show up this morning. Nobody at the school seems to know much about the bus routes or times, so we're left to hope it all works itself out.
Yesterday we took Sam shopping for a couple of new school outfits. Old Navy has nice boys clothes, although a little limited in selection.
In good news to share, we finally ordered satellite internet service. It should be installed in about 2 weeks. I chose the lowest possible version, to be cheap. It should still beat the pants off the current dial-up, and we won't have to hog up a phone line anymore. For all of you who call and hear nothing but ring, ring, ring, and no answering machine, it's because we're either online or ignoring the call-waiting. Most commonly the former. If it's the latter, I'll generally call you back after I get off the phone.
Sam arrived home just shy of 4:30. He'd fallen asleep, and our neighbor couldn't quite tell Sam from the other sleeping little boys, so we had to flag down the bus after it had turned around at a neighbor's barn. Sam was so tired he apparently slept most of the way home. It's a long bus ride. He also left his spare clothing, his lunchbox, and his hat. I did write his name on all of it, so hopefully we'll be seeing some or most of it back. I don't actually have a spare lunchbox for him. Tomorrow's lunch will have to go in a plastic sack and not include anything requiring refrigeration. He gave us quite the convoluted story of how his day went. What I understand of it is that he played on a computer, on a merry-go-round that went to fast and could make you bong, and something about someone named Rusty and having to sit in a different seat on the bus. It changes a bit with each telling. He wants to go back tomorrow, so that's a good thing, since he'd have to go back anyway.
I have some pictures I want to post of our recent visitors. Grandma and Grandpa came out for a fun week. The kids had so much fun, and were very sad when we dropped Dan and Joyce off at Will Rogers World Airport. (the airport with the coolest logo ever, seriously, go look it up)

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